The legend of "was catnip or treat"

- May 27 2017 -

The children dress today went to customs, sugar is said to have originated in Ireland. The ancient Western Europe when Ireland heretics, believe ghosts on Halloween will be clustered near a home, and accept the banquet. Thus, at the end of the "party", the villagers are disguised as a ghost elves, access to the village, guide the ghosts to leave, I have to avoid disaster. At the same time, the villagers are also note on the front at the mercy of the court after some fruit and other food, fed the ghost that they won't injure a human being and animals or plunders other crops. Later, this custom continues down, became the children make fun of generosity not joke.

As for the pumpkin has at least two arguments. A say people hollow out a pumpkin carved faces point candle to dispel ghosts