The custom of Halloween trick or eat

- May 27 2017 -

Halloween "was catnip or treat" is an interesting content, this custom is not derived from Ireland, but European Christian church started in the 9th century. Then on November 2, christians called "ALL with SOULS DAY" (ALL SOULS 'DAY). On this day, the faithful walk in the quiet countryside village, village house to house begging for made of flour and raisins "soul cakes". Donation cakes is said to be the somebody else all believe that the church monks pray, looking forward to hearing from the shield of god, thus let the dead relatives in heaven at an early date. This traditional went begging to today has evolved into the children carried pumpkin lantern went for candy. Met, the children dressed up as a ghost elves shape are the same to "trick or please eat" threats, and master ?